Android is becoming an ecosystem without borders

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    • Android is becoming an ecosystem without borders

      ComputerWorld wrote:

      Now, in what seems like a hell-freezing-over move, Microsoft (yes, Microsoft!) has announced it's working on adding support for Android apps (yes, Android apps!) on Windows 10 (yes, Windows 10!) systems.

      There is a catch: The apps won't actually be installed locally on the Windows computers. Rather, folks who have both an Android phone and a Windows 10 device will be able to view and use apps from their phones via their Windows systems. It's something called app mirroring. If it's done well, though — and given the fact that Microsoft isn't even committing to a specific timeframe for this launch as of yet, I'd hope it will be — it oughta effectively be like running Android apps on your PC, no thought or effort required.
      Tried app mirroring with WhatsApp and I get frustrated with the frequent disconnects. I hope Android and Windows do a better job at keeping the connection stable.