Buggy Win10 1809 upgrade

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    • Buggy Win10 1809 upgrade

      ComputerWorld wrote:

      Starting late Friday night, Microsoft pulled the Windows 10 version 1809 upgrade package from various locations. The official Download Windows 10 page is on version 1803, ISOs have disappeared, and 1809 is no longer available via WSUS.

      That part’s important: If you have a copy of the Win10 1809 upgrade ISO tucked away somewhere, throw it out.

      I’ve been covering reams of bugs in 1809, but the worst problem is with deleted data files. As I explained on Thursday, many people report that the upgrade to 1809 wipes out all files in the \Documents, \Pictures, \Music, and \Videos folders. The folders are still there, but nothing’s in them.

      Combine that with Microsoft’s self-granted permission to install the Win10 1809 upgrade on any computer that “Checks” for updates and you have a potent recipe for disaster. Nobody knows how many hapless Win10 users clicked “Check for Updates” and discovered that all of their Documents and Pictures were blown away.

      If you were eager to believe the breathless reviews about a product that’s marginally better than what you have already – and you trusted Microsoft enough to install it on your machine as quickly as you could – consider it a lesson learned.

      I never, ever store files I want to keep in Windows default folders. All important files are stored on a separate drive and are synced with a cloud service in case of some sort of disaster. Storing important documents on the same drive where Windows is installed is asking for trouble.