Community Guidelines

Computer Forum is a place where people from all over the world, from many different backgrounds, minorities and cultures, can come together and discuss among themselves in the many topical sections we have available. In order to keep the site running well and prevent problems, we ask you to take these rules into account when participating so that all members can coexist peacefully.

If you have any comments, questions or suggestions regarding these rules or any other aspect of the site, please do not hesitate to Private Message an Admin or ask publicly in the Ask the Admin section.

Our aim is to be one big happy family here and by providing these simple rules - this aim can be easily achieved.

We reserve the right to add to, modify, move, delete, merge or split any thread/post without notice.





No advertising threads/posts are permitted. Examples include the following:

  • Advertising or soliciting forum members to buy any products or services.
  • Links to sexually explicit or obscene websites and content.
  • Links to warez and other piracy-related content.
  • Links to sites that can cause harm to one's computer.

Offending topics will be deleted and the creator warned or banned (if applicable).


Members are permitted to own only ONE forum account. Any member that is caught having duplicate accounts without staff knowledge are immediately warned and the duplicate accounts locked.


Inappropriate comments on any part of this site discriminating against someone because of their background, race or religion are NOT permitted. We want Computer Forum to be an enjoyable place for everyone, without fear of discrimination. The offending comments will be removed and the user warned or banned.


Flames are posts that are meant to be deliberately defamatory, abusive, harassing, threatening or insulting to a person, place or thing. Flaming is not permitted. Threads that descend into flaming will be locked, and members who persistently disobey the flaming rules will be warned.


We will try our best to ensure these rules get followed to maintain a healthy atmosphere on Computer Forum. If you have a dispute with a decision that you really want to discuss, contact an Admin by Private Message. Be civilized and courteous when searching out the reasoning behind any decision made.

However, do NOT create a public thread flaming the staff for a decision made. That will remove any chances of a past decision being overturned and will result in your being warned again.

Malicious Use

Sometimes things happen on Computer Forum which cause bugs or glitches in the software and this may give you abilities to do things you should not normally be able to do. Members are strictly forbidden to abuse these glitches or loopholes in any way, or to do things that would result in something like this happening.

Members are not allowed to post links to sites knowingly containing viruses, spyware, adware etc. which can damage or disrupt the operation of this site.

Accessing another member's account without their permission is forbidden.

Any infraction in these areas will result in your immediate ban from Computer Forum.


ANY sexually explicit or otherwise obscene material displayed on this site is not acceptable. We treat this very seriously! The offending material will be deleted on sight and the user banned.


Everyone on Computer Forum has a right to their own privacy. No information that is private and personal towards two people (e.g Instant Messaging, E-Mail, PMs, Pagers etc.) can be posted against the other members will or without permission. Posts that do this will instantly be deleted and the creator warned.


We ask that members keep the profanity to a minimum. Some words are censored by software, and so deliberately bypassing the swearing filter on words that are normally censored is not permitted. Sexually explicit discussions are not allowed.


We understand the precarious and controversial nature of Religion-based topics and debates, so no topics about religion will be allowed on Computer Forum.


Smileys (or Emoticons) are provided by the forums as a means of expressing your emotions through small images. They are there for your convenience and you are not permitted to abuse them. That includes overusing them to the point where the post becomes useless, or enough to make other member's computers lag who try to view them.


Sexual solicitation of any nature on this site will result in an immediate ban. There is no minimum age requirement on Computer Forum, so if any member is found to be sexually soliciting a member under the age of 18, that member who is doing the solicitation will be banned immediately and their account details will be given to local and international authorities. We will do everything in our power to protect members on this forum from predators of any nature.


According to, spam is typically described as: Unsolicited messages, often of a commercial nature, sent indiscriminately to multiple mailing lists, individuals, or newsgroups; junk e-mail. Keeping this definition in mind, we consider spam to be:

  • Repetitive posts: Member's posting multiple times in the same topic, the exact same thing in multiple topics, or multiple threads on the same topic deliberately.
  • Nonsense posts: Posts/Threads that totally do not make any sense and have no point to them.
  • Short posts: Repetitive postings that adds nothing to the discussion at hand (one word or short posts, a lone smiley etc.) unless the topic specifies it.
  • Off-topic posts: If the thread starter specifically asks not for their thread to go off topic, those posts that do are considered spam.

Posts that abuse the use of smileys (see above) are spam and will be treated like it. Spam threads/posts will be deleted on sight and the poster warned.


Topics relating to violating intellectual property law and asking/providing for information on how to obtain material protected by intellectual property law is strictly forbidden (including material that is used to assist in this, eg. keygens, serial numbers etc).