Sticky Notes

  • A few weeks ago Windows auto updated my system. Besides some security updates, there were also some updates to other Microsoft applications such as Sticky Notes. Sticky Notes is an app I've been using since Windows 7. Normally I write down all my notes in OneNote, but for those important appointments or topics that need regular visual attention, Sticky Notes is perfect for the job.

    Until the latest update.

    Here are the bugs:

    • Each note opens with a separate button on the Task Bar. Since I prefer not to combine the buttons on the Task Bar, having Sticky Note open with a new button for every note, is annoying and a waste of Task Bar real estate.
    • Notes are missing. Only one or two notes show up on the screen. The missing notes are still there in the Notes List, but I have to reactivate them ever time I turn on my computer. WTF!?!
    • When I reactivate a note out of the Notes List, it automatically expands to half of my screen. I have to manually resize every note that comes out of the Notes List.

    These are the bugs that I know of. There might be more, but I lost my patience and shut the app down. Microsoft royally screwed Sticky Notes up. The worst part is, it's been weeks since this has happened and I haven't seen any response from Microsoft.

    CPU: Intel i5 3.2 GHz * CPU Cooler: be quiet! Dark Rock Advanced C1 * RAM: Crucial 2x 8 GB * Motherboard: ASRock H97 Performance * Video Card: Sapphire RX 570 Nitro Plus 8 GB * Hard Drives: Crucial 256 GB SSD, 3x Seagate 1 TB * PSU: be quiet! 750 watt gold * Case: be quiet! SilentBase 800 * Speakers: Logitech Z-640 5.1 * Displays: 2x Eizo 19" and 1x Samsung 27" * Keyboard and Mouse: Logitech K800 and G500S * Headphones: Philips SHP8900