Avast-failed to load UI

  • I updated avast antivirus software tomorrow.
    Now Avast will not start. I get the error message: "UI Failed to load". Restarting the service will not work.
    Windows Defender, real-time protection all is OFF.
    I reinstalled AVAST. It worked after install but failed again after Windows restart.
    . Any help?

  • Apparently this is a bug that has plagued Avast users as far back as 2018.


    Yes the problem is that auto-recovery when service isn't running doesn't work on latest Windows 10. We plan to release hotfix for version 18.4 today, and next week also fix for version 18.3

    Browsing through some of the forums on Avast's website, it appears that the problem still persists for some users. I would suggest using a different security software until Avast can fix the problem.

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