Ansmann multi charger

  • My Sony Xperia cell phone charger broke. I have never dropped it and still after 16 months it broke. On Amazon I found quite a few supposedly original Sony replacement chargers. After reading the reviews it was obvious that most were not original, but instead were poor quality Chinese copies. Looking around the web I found a German electronic web site and discovered a German made multi charger for portable devices from the company Ansmann. I already have an Ansmann household battery charger that has served me well for 3 years, so I purchased the multi charger for around 22 Euros.

    The charger comes with a two year warranty and has a USB 3.0 fast charger plug included. So far I've had my cell phone, keyboard and tablet plugged into it, all at the same time. Works perfectly. As you can imagine it does get a little hot while charging, but nothing too drastic.

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