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Bible Reference
Linux, Mac, Windows
Bible Analyzer is a free, cross-platform, Bible study software program developed to aid Believers in the reading, study, and defense of the Holy Scriptures. It is easy to use; even the advanced features.

  • Easily search for a word, words, or phrase with a handy suggestion box, plus several advanced searching capabilities.
  • View a Unique Interactive Hit Chart of all the Search Results.
  • Quickly Navigate to any Passage through the Quick Entry or Bible Tree.
  • A Dedicated Verse Index Panel that shows, with a Preview, every Title in the Library with the Active Verse.
  • A Dedicated Cross-Reference Panel for our Treasury of Scripture Knowledge, Enhanced, with Preview.
  • Export Various Study Pages to the Unique MultiWindow to Edit, Save, and Reload Study Sessions.
  • Built in Syncronized Bible Reading Using Text-To-Speech. Hear the words through your speakers!
  • Add your Notes to any Book, Chapter, and Verse — with Export.
  • Plus an Interactive Image Viewer, Daily Journal, Devotion Viewer, ScripturePad Text Editor, and More
  • Hundreds of Free and Premium Titles available through the Built-in Download Manager.

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