TEncoder Audio & Video Converter

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Media Converter
TEncoder Audio & Video Converter is a free, open source, multi-threaded multimedia (video and audio) converter that use several additional Open Source third party tools such as MEncoder, MPlayer and FFMpeg. You can use this software to convert almost every multimedia format (both video and audio) in multiple ways. It has a long list of features. For example: subtitles that contain the same name as the video file can be hard-coded into the video so you will end up with a single file, you can use up to 8 simultaneous encoders and the encoding time will decrease. Additionally you can choose multiple audio and subtitle tracks, extract multimedia (video or audio) content, edit subtitle and audio delays (including the part of video that will be encoded), add all kind of effects such as deinterlacing or cropping to your videos etc.

  • run up to 8 simultaneous processes
  • make FFMpeg and Mencoder to perform internal multi-threaded encoding.
  • hard-code subtitles with the same name as video using Mencoder.
  • 840 device presets
  • you can perform two passes to improve quality
  • you can pass custom options to encoders
  • extract multimedia files (audio or video)
  • extract different parts from files
  • convert audio files (for example .mp3 to .aac etc.)
  • choose audio track from files with multiple audio tracks
  • extract jobs to .bat file so they can be run later
  • preview files with all options applied
  • edit/create presets
  • TEncoder works under Wine
  • 64-bit support available (FFMpeg only)

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